The Prancing Unicorn

half Dutch. half Sudanese. uke-playing, book-loving, photo-taking, humanitarian worker, all-round dork. pooping rainbows across the globe. current location: Erbil, Iraq.


Cool summer nights, rooftop sunsets, and a magnificent skyline. Hundreds of local coffee shops and hundreds of local bakeries. Street musicians, pick up soccer, or break dancing in Union Square. Food from every corner of the Earth and hot dog vendors on every corner in Manhattan. Evenings spent by the water in Brooklyn and mornings spent watching the sun rise at Coney Island. Lavendar-flavored doughnuts and s’mores-flavored ice cream. Dollar pizza slices in Brooklyn and dollar dumplings in Chinatown. Record stores in Bushwick. Flea markets in Williamsburg. Shopping in SoHo. Free concerts in Central Park. People everywhere, buildings everywhere, sights everywhere, smells everywhere, experiences everywhere.

New York City.

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Impulsive weekend mandolin purchase. 
Name suggestions anyone?